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Tomorrow Talk


DAOuda Leonard (CreateSafe)

The AI Revolution in Music: With DAOuda Leonard, Manager of Grimes and Founder of AI music studio CreateSafe.


Eric Jang (1X Technologies)

Eric is the VP of AI at 1X Technologies, a humanoid robot company built to benefit society, with investment led by OpenAI. He also published AI is Good for You. He speaks on a future of abundance, humanoid robots, how to achieve AGI and how AI will affect our political systems, ideologies, love lives, and more.


Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky on fertility challenges, birth rate decline, gene editing and humanity's future.


Delian Asparouhov (Varda Space)

Delian on Varda's space drugs, Founder's Fund, and Silicon Valleys' history of mentorship.


Maddie Hall (Living Carbon)

Living Carbon's Maddie Hall speaks on bioengineering super trees to help fight climate change, synthetic bio's potential, the carbon credit system, envisioning unseen futures, lessons she learned from Sam Altman, using LLMs to understand animals, and how to approach building & investing in climate tech.


Tye Sheridan & Nikola Todorovic (Wonder Dynamics)

Tye Sheridan & Nikola Todorovic talk harnessing AI to revolutionize filmmaking, future of content, and Hollywood's Tech Roots.


Bryan Johnson (Braintree Venmo, Kernel, Blueprint)

On reducing his biological age, longevity, civilization-scale alignment, & negotiating with pain.


Elad Gil

Elad Gil on the power of peer groups, investing in 40+ unicorns, AI today, and building a dynamic sense of self and company.


Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad)

Sahil Lavingia on scaling Gumroad to $100M, today's AI ecosystem + breakthroughs, an Isaac Asimov future, his 300k Twitter audience + more


Ben Lamm (Colossal)

Ben Lamm, Colossal Founder & CEO: De-Extinction, Artificial Wombs & the Future of Genetics.


Virtual & Augmented Reality

VR & AR: Meta’s $36B investment, Apple's AR Play, How AI will Disrupt Gaming + Where to Build.


Matt Krisiloff (Conception)

Matt Krisiloff & roon on turning stem cells into human eggs, longevity, OpenAI, AI's role in biotech.


roon (@TSZZL)

roon (@TSZZL) on Elon, Twitter, Rahul Ligma, the Future of AI, China, Vitalik, Happiness, and everything else on our minds these days.


Tarek Mansour (Kalshi)

Changing US Law to Build America's First Federally Regulated Events-Based Exchange


Joshua Browder (DoNotPay)

The Robot Lawyer that Helped Consumers Save over $100M, with DoNotPay Founder Joshua Browder


Oguzhan Atay (BillionToOne)

Saving Millions of Lives Using Blood to Catch Cancer Early, with BillionToOne Founder Oguzhan Atay


Dillon Rosenblatt (Autograph)

Tom Brady’s Co-Founder on Building an Enduring NFT Brand, Crypto Winter, & Earning the Support of Icons


Ken Nguyen (Republic)

Co-Founder & CEO of Republic Ken Nguyen on Opening Up Private Market Investing to the Masses


Henrique Dubugras (Brex)

Co-Founder & CEO of Brex Henrique Dubugras on Building a $12.3B Fintech Company that Powers Silicon Valley